Last Updated: May 28, 2023

  1. What’s MarketKamair?

MarketKamair is a global marketplace, an emerging Ecommerce solution for buyers and sellers. We’re located in the United States, our platform is operational 24h/7 to efficiently serve our prospective vendors and customers around the world. MarketKamair is owned by Lamenas LLC, a United States registered business as mandated by federal and local legislations.

  1. Can I sell my products on MarketKamair?

Yes, you can sell as many products as you want on MarketKamair. You can also buy any other product from other vendors. Go to the following link to learn more: https://marketkamair.com/conditions-of-use/

  1. What type of products can be sold or bought from the platform?

Any type of product can be sold or bought by visitors as long as they comply with our policies and Conditions of Use. Physical, digital or downloadable products can be sold on our platform.

  1. Can I advertise my business on MarketKamair?

Yes, you can advertise your business on MarketKamair through our ‘Business Directory’ link

  1. I have a large business, a small business or a startup business, can I still advertise?

Yes, all type and size of businesses are welcome. Large, medium and small businesses can sell and advertise on MarketKamair. Even if you’re just starting up or just selling some simple products as vegetables, books, or pens, you can still sell and promote your products and business.

  1. What is a vendor?

A vendor is simply a seller that has registered his store on the site

  1. Can I become a vendor?

Yes, anyone can become a vendor

  1. How can I become a vendor?

Create an account to register your store by doing the following: Go to MarketKamair.com, click on Account/Register, select I’m a vendor. Enter your information (demography, store information, payment method etc.) and click on register. Your account will be automatically created and you will be redirected to your vendor dashboard. The system owner will then receive your registration for review and approval. All accounts are reviewed then approved or rejected within 48 hours. Go to step 2 if your account has been approved.

  1. How do I list my products for sale?

Once registered your account, you will be redirected on your dashboard. Click on products, click on ‘add new product’, enter the product details-image and click on ‘create product’. Follow the same process to add multiple products. Upon clicking on ‘create product’, click on ‘products’ again and you will see your newly created product. Congratulation, you’ve created your first product and it’s now posted on MarketKamair where customers can view and purchase. Simply go to MarketKamair.com and click on ‘Store’ to view your product. There are a variety of category available for our vendors to use for their specific products.

  1. How do customers purchase my products?

Customers can simply add your products to their carts and then proceed to check out. It’s a very simple and fast process.

  1. Do I receive my money directly after my products have been purchased?

The nature of a digital marketplace is made in such a way that payments are initially routed through the admin or the web owner before they can be received by vendors. The owner process payment immediately after a check out has been fully completed and the product has been shipped.

  1. Is there any commission held by the web owner?

Yes, there is a minimum 5% only commission withheld from any product sold through MarketKamair. This is a promotional rate and may be revised in the future.

  1. Who collect taxes for my products sold?

The vendor collects taxes.

  1. I’m not a vendor but I’m a customer, can I also register my account?

Yes, vendors and customers can register their account. As a customer, simply click on ‘I’m a customer’ under Register and complete your registration.

  1. Why do I need to register?

Registering makes it very convenient for you and your interlocutors to communicate, process and complete transactions. As a vendor, you must register to be able to sell your products or advertise your business. Customers have the option not to register.

  1. Is my information protected?

Yes, all your information is protected using encryption and other privacy protocols. Please visit https://marketkamair.com/privacy-policy/ to learn more on our privacy policy.

  1. Who own MarketKamair?

It’s owned by Lamenas LLC

  1. Is MarketKamair an exchange platform?

MarketKamair is essentially a marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet to make different transactions and exchanges

  1. Is MarketKamair a global platform?

Yes, MartketKamair is a global marketplace where everyone around the world can sell and buy products.

  1. Where can I see my products that I posted?

Under ‘Store’ tab. You can also filter products by category.

  1. Where can I see different vendors?

Under ‘Vendors’ tab. If you only one to purchase products from a particular vendor, you can select it from this tab.

  1. Where can I register or create an account?

Under ‘Account/Register’ tab. You can register as a customer or a vendor.

  1. Where can I post or advertise my business?

Under ‘Business Directory’ tab. You can see other listed business under this tab.

  1. How can I contact vendors?

Vendors information is available under the vendor profile.

  1. I did not receive my product. How should I proceed?

Contact the vendor.

  1. I want to return the product I purchased. What is the process?

Contact the seller and he may accept your return based on his policy. If you purchased directly from Lamenass LLC, you will be able to return your product and get refunded as defined in our policy.

  1. I forgot my password. What I can do?

Simple click on ‘Forgot your password’ and the system will allow you to create a new password.

More questions, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you. Also, we’re working on a video presentation where we explain how the platform works. Thank you