Conditions of Use


Last updated: May 28, 2023

MarketKamair is an emerging Ecommerce platform, a global marketplace operated by Lamenas LLC and located in the United States. The platform is designed to serve any one within our community and in the world that adheres to our policy. We promote businesses of any size and enable worldwide buyers and sellers to interact and process their transactions through our website. MartketKamair is a B2B, B2C and C2C marketplace. We work in close collaborations with our diverse vendors to provide amazing products and services to our prospective customers. is available for any user around the globe that satisfy our condition of use and privacy policy statement. All customers, vendors and others using MarketKamair must agree to our Conditions of Use statement.

Become a vendor on MarketKamair

A vendor is any person or entity that may sell its products and services using our platform. A vendor should follow the steps below to start selling on MarketKamair.


How to become a vendor?

  1. Create an account to register your store: Go to, click on Account/Register, select I’m a vendor. Enter your information (demography, store information, payment method etc.) and click on register. Your account will be automatically created and you will be redirected to your vendor dashboard. The system owner will then receive your registration for review and approval. All accounts are reviewed then approved or rejected within 48 hours. Go to step 2 if your account has been approved.
  2. View and manage your dashboard: You will now be able to login to your account using your credentials. In your account, you will have access to all the information needed to place and manage your sells. You can edit your account details, view orders, request withdraw, customize your store, manage payment methods etc. Click on ‘Go to vendor dashboard’ to have a detailed view on your account.
  3. Add products: on your dashboard, click on products, click on ‘add new product’, enter the product details-image and click on ‘create product’. Follow the same process to add multiple products. Upon clicking on ‘create product’, click on ‘products’ again and you will see your newly created product. Congratulation, you’ve created your first product and it’s now posted on MarketKamair where customers can view and purchase. Simply go to and click on ‘Store’ to view your product. There are a variety of category available for our vendors to use for their specific products.
  4. Sell: Once your products have been posted on MarketKamair, they are available for customers to view and purchase. A customer can add products to their cart, place their orders and check out directly from our platform.
  5. Shipping: Upon placing an order, it’s the responsibility of the vendor to ship the purchased item to the address specified by the customer and within the delivery time displayed by the vendor at the time of purchase. Vendors must notify customers for any change, if any, for the shipping information. Vendors must ship the exact product purchased by customers. The shipping fee is collected and managed by the vendor.
  6. Tax:  All products sold and purchased from are subjected to fiscal requirements of the locality where the product was purchased. The tax portion on products will be displayed at the time of placing an order. The tax portion is collected and paid to local jurisdictions by vendors. It’s the responsibility of vendors to comply with their fiscal obligations.
  7. Request Payment: a vendor can request payments at any time as long as his account balance is at minimum $100. The system owner will process payments as they are received and within 72 hours from request submission.
  8. Commission. There is a minimum of 10% charged on all products sold on MarketKamair that goes to the system owner account. This amount is deducted from vendors’ balance at the time of payment.

Users loyalty and integrity obligations

All users must be honest to each other on all operations and transactions made through our platform. Any attempt to spoof another user may result in sanctions as defined in this policy. Moreover, MarketKamair users should take appropriate actions to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information managed through the platform. Users are highly encouraged to report any security issue that they may experience while using the web site.

System misuse and sanctions

Any misuse of our services may result in an immediate account deactivation and legal implications.

Potential dispute

Dispute that may arise between sellers and buyers or customers, vendors and others, that cannot be resolved with a mutual agreement between involved parties, may be escalated to the competent legal jurisdiction of the locality where the dispute originated. The local jurisdiction will have the ability.

Return & Refund Policy

All customers and vendors making transactions MarketKamair must agree to our return policy defined below. is a marketplace where vendors can create their account and start selling a variety of products through the platform. Products purchased directly from MarketKamair are eligible for a 30-day money back guarantee and customers must return the product before they can be refunded. Products must be returned to the requested shipping address within 15 days from the purchased date to be eligible for a refund. The particular nature of some products may not be eligible for a return as defined above, however, there must be a clearly displayed label indicating in informing the customer why the product is not eligible for a return. Our return policy does not apply to products purchased from vendors. Customers may check the vendor list available on the website to see vendor’s specific policy or requirements. Also, products purchased clearly display some information for the vendor. In case you decide to return an item and get refunded, please contact directly the vendor who you purchased the product from. It’s not the responsibility of MarketKamair to manage returns and refunds of products sold by our vendors. You may write a comment explaining why you are returning the product.

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